Keeping Up With Korean Fashion Trends In 2020

Kpop is incredibly popular, and not just in Korea! You can find fans of Kpop all over the world. While people love to listen to their favorite Korean acts, people also turn to these artists for fashion inspiration. If you’re looking for style inspiration, you’ll want to make sure you keep up with Korean fashion trends in 2020.

Plaid Skirts

Cute Korean Outfits - plaid skirt

A lot of the most popular Korean artists are wearing plaid skirts! These 90s-inspired skirts are really on-trend right now. A lot of Korean artists are wearing these skirts with bold tops, but you can rock this trend in a way that doesn’t stand out so much.

For example, you might want to pair a plaid skirt with a simple ribbed shirt or an oversized sweater. If the weather is warmer, you could also try pairing it with a t-shirt. Either way, you’ll be able to put together a Korean outfit that really looks great.

Menswear Inspired Looks

There are plenty of girl groups in the Korean outfits scene, but some of the most popular acts, like BTS, are male. Because a lot of Kpop fans are women, many fans are putting together menswear-inspired looks.

When people think about menswear in women’s fashion, they often imagine women wearing suits. While there are definitely people mixing up their outfits like this, there are also plenty of women that are stealing from the boys in a different way. BTS often wears outfits that mimic streetwear, and you’ll see a lot of these styles influencing fashion trends.

Oversized T-Shirts

A few years ago, a lot of women wore t-shirts that were a little more fitted. Now, those trends have changed. Women are wearing shirts that are oversized. In fact, a lot of women are wearing shirts that are so large, they could be worn as a dress.

These looks are similar to a lot of styles that are currently worn by Korean artists. You can see some great ideas here: If you want to wear a t-shirt and nothing else, but you’d like to make the look feel a little more modest, you may want to throw on a pair of bike shorts.

Bright Colors

oversized shirt - nautical outfit from korea

Neutral colors can be nice, but they’re not the kinds of colors that stand out on stage. Most Korean artists like to wear brighter colors, like this nautical look, whenever possible. Some of these colors are extremely bold; it’s not unusual to see artists wearing colors like hot pink when they’re on the stage.

If you like these bright colors but are worried that the outfit that you’re putting together is a little overwhelming, there are plenty of easy ways for

you to tone down your look. For example, if you wear a brightly colored top with a more neutral bottom, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from Korean acts without looking like you’re dressed for the stage.

Chunky Platform Shoes

It can be hard to perform when you’re wearing heels. Chunky platform shoes give Korean acts some extra height, but they still allow artists to move around and get through their dance routines. These shoes can make outfits feel a lot more fun.

These shoes come in a wide range of colors and styles, which means you can search for platform shoes that stand out to you. There are so many types of platform shoes out there, and you should be able to find a pair of shoes that you’ll want to wear again and again.


Headbands have long been used to achieve a more preppy look. In Korean groups, artists usually try to reflect different kinds of styles. You’ll notice that some of your favorite Kpop stars wear headbands from time to time.

If you’re looking for a very easy way to include Korea-inspired trends, headbands are a great option. Headbands are very easy to wear, especially if you choose headbands that are made from a more comfortable material. Look at Korean stars that wear headbands and try to include those headbands in your own outfits. You can easily add a headband to your outfits.

Find The Right Place To Shop

If you really want to wear clothing that is inspired by Korean artists, you’ll want to shop at Korean stores whenever possible. Thankfully, online shopping has made that a lot easier. You can have items shipped to you straight from Korea.

Of course, if this isn’t an option for you, there are plenty of other stores that you can shop at as well. Once you know which trends appeal to you, you’ll be able to search for those kinds of items at all of the stores that you love.

If you’re a fan of Korean outfits, why not let your favorite artists shape the way you dress? If you’re looking for ways to improve your style, you’ll want to try to experiment with some of these trends and see which ones work for your closet.

Why Is There So Much Need for Drug Rehab?

Drug use has been around for thousands of years. Ancient tribes have various forms of narcotics to induce mind-altered states since the beginning of time. Even Jesus’ first miracle was recorded as turning water into wine. So, why are so many people having issues today with drugs and alcohol?

Drug Use in The Old Days

One reason may have to do with the reason the drugs are used in the first place. In tribal settings, a shaman or medicine man was a respected member of the community. Contrast that with your local drug dealer! So, in the past drug use was part of a ritual for spiritual enlightenment, and quest to understand the self, and maybe even speak to nature or God. These practices were taken very seriously and were conducted under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. It was also done for a specific purpose. Note that at no point is anyone just trying to “escape” the day’s troubles or calm down because of stress or anxiety. The use of these drugs was done for a specific purpose and their use was taken very seriously.

Drug Use Today

Now, on the other hand, look at how drugs are abused today. They are seen as quick fixes to deal with interpersonal problems, problems at work, stress, proving one’s self, peer pressure, etc. The drugs themselves usually come from seedy characters and people who are less than respectable. Overall, the whole experience is clandestine, dirty, and dangerous. There is no spiritual journey, no wise elder to help you along in your experience. It’s often just immature kids trying to numb themselves to their problems.

Where It’s a Problem

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is becoming a more and more serious problem, especially in the Midwest. The highest instances of drug rehab phone calls are in West Virginia. Many experts believe this is because of the sedentary and isolated lifestyle associated with those areas. But, as I’m sure you’re well aware, it may be worse there, but the problem is everywhere.
That’s where drug rehab comes in. Rehabilitation from a drug or alcohol addiction requires extensive treatment. The best programs are the ones that offer inpatient solutions, meaning you actually move in to the facility for a few weeks or months. This gives the patient a new environment to clear their head. Usually, simply being away from their old environment is a huge help. While away, rehab patients can see more clearly how certain relationships they had back home were toxic. Counselors at the rehabilitation facility can help them to prepare for dealing with these relationships in a healthy way once they return. The last thing the specialists are these centers want is for you to get clean for a month and then go right back to drug or alcohol as soon as you go back home.

alcohol and drug rehabilitation - room

Drug alcohol abuse is a serious problem all over the world. The United States, however, seems to consume more than their fair share of the drug market. If you would like to learn more about finding a drug rehab facility in your area, you can use a service like Care Drug Rehabilitation at You can check out their YouTube and their Twitter for more information on how they can help you. By calling their hotline, you can discuss your particular needs with a specialist and go over your financial circumstances. They’ll then help you find a local rehab that fits your specific needs.

There have always been people who like to abuse drugs, but it seems that it’s just human nature. Some people just aren’t good at handling problems on their own and so they look for the easy way out. Drugs provide temporary relief to people and make it so that they can forget their problems. This is a bad long term strategy, however. As you can likely figure out for yourself, this will lead to addiction, which ruins your body.

Also, something that a lot of people don’t think about: drugs are very expensive. Not only are you ruining your health, you’re also ruining you financial health. It’s also difficult to hold down a job while you are addicted to drugs, so this make the money situation even worse.

If are arrested for doing drugs, or doing something illegal while under the influence, that goes on your permanent record. If you have a criminal record, then it can be very difficult to get a job later. If it’s you and another seemingly similar candidate for a position and the other person has never has any legal issues with drugs, but you have, the employer is obviously going to hire to other person.

Florida North District 9 AFG Welcome!

Welcome to, short for the North Florida District 9 AFG. Strength and hope for families and friends of problem drinkers who are in need of rehabilitation.

alcoholics anonymous and drug rehab


This is not an easy battle for anyone, but doing it alone makes the struggle even harder. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, we strongly encourage you to get help.

Treatment can range from drug rehab, to counseling, and lifestyle adjustment help.

AA meeting listings & information for Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties of Central Florida:

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.:

Narcotics Anonymous


24 Hour AA and Rehabilitation Hotlines:


(863) 687-9275

Avon Park





(863) 382-2694